a web app concept for better co-working experience

Instrumentalist is a website designed to facilitate Instrument employee growth and assist in meeting their expansion plan.

“A resources sharing platform for employee learn from peers for personal growth ”

Start time
October 2018
6 weeks
Project type
A school project of UX Strategy to meet the needs for Instrument company's employees


Instrument hires the best people with strong skill sets, but they are not leveraging the efficiently enough to help others growth and accomplish their expansion plans.


Create a resources platform for employees to form groups and identify internal and extranet events to assist in leveraging your skills to each other.


From the list of different user groups needs, my primary focus was on providing a tool for employees to learn additional skills from peers and empower each other.

Stakeholder needs and requirements 👉🏻

Create a way for employees to join different types of groups to help them get more knowledge and encourage them to share with useful resources

Help employees time-management about join events. Allow employees to see if there is any novelty at their company easier.

The Instrument events are published by different types of interest groups so that employees could find the events' history as soon as possible.

Research & Competitors study


Meetup brings people together in thousandas of cities to do more of what they want to do in life. It brings people together to do, explore, teach and learn.

To help people in businesses connect and discover new ways of working. Groups are shared spaces for people to work together in teams, discuss common interests and share ideas. And groups are for working with anyone, even people at other companies. Conversation moves quickly, a message on Work Chat, often gets you the answer you need or keeps the whole team in the loop.

The Messenger web app interface shows the importance of providing a platform for employees to communicate and discuss what interested them based on their joined interest groups. So, I create "group chat" as a similar use case for employees better-communication.


I was trying to create a set of the icon based on Instrument design trend, the clean, linear and easy to read icons. It designed to help users to read quickly with the tiny things so that they can figure out what for next step easier.

Let’s Have a Try !


As an engineer work in Instrument, I’d like to get some knowledge for Design ,so that I can training my aesthetic and logical communication skill.

1.1 Landing Searching

1.2 Homepage Searching


As an employee, I want to organize my groups and view the detail to see if there are any of my familiar coworkers, I’d be more interested in this group.

2.1 Group Overview

2.2 Group Detail

To help new comes know more about this group and easier for they choose join or leave. The detail page of interest group shows the organizer, introduction, group members and photo gallery.

2.3 Group Chat

If employees find any useful resources, feel free to share with others. And all of these resources will be saved in the “Attachment” folder.

Another Solution

Use Case3 - EVENT

As a manager of the interest group, I need to post event inform our group members.

Three days later, there is an event comes from GOOGLE, Alan Smith will come here to show us Google illustration study guide.

3.1 Post Event

Each events comes from differemt interest groups.

The Event will be published from “UX Design” group. And all of the employees can see it in the homepage later.

3.2 View This Event

Each events detail will be showed in here.

In case of some employees are unalble to attend in locale, as long as they click “join” in website, all of the event source are able to share with you. We don’t need to worry about missing the events information anymore.


Design Process

Brainstorm with my classmates


This product helps employees at Instrument work more interesting and communicate with each other in the group events process in order to improve employees personal growth.

Thanks, Instrument

I appreciate that Instrument gives us the challenge to work on this project! It’s a unique opportunity for us to work for a real project and it also enhances my skills to consider marketing needs for UX problems. Thanks again for your time in giving us this opportunity!