Waking Up

a concept of automating smart home devices

The Waking Up app is based on the smart home system. It's going to control all of the smart home devices to serve for your amazing morning.

“Your next soul-nourishing morning routine, all automating.”

Start time
February 2018
10 weeks
Project type
A school project of Interaction Design. We're asking to create a product relevant to smart home.

Is that also your morning?

It is hard to get out of your whole night sleep mode.

I still have lots of stuff to do

I don’t have a good mood in dealing with these daily-routines

I always forget this or that, cause the time is always in the rush

The living atmosphere is not motivated and humanized enough for me to start a new day.

Improve it !

Everyone has personal different schedule and time-management in the morning

My solution is to build a connection with all of the smart home devices, and asking them to assist for your daily morning routine together !

The smart devices could be the light, water boiler, google home, bathtub, oven, microwave… Anything you need in the morning, they can prepare for methodic and orderly as your morning routine

Potential User

  • The people want to get more sleep
  • The people who are grumpy in the morning and need a good mood
  • The people have no time to spare on trifles …

Main Approach

Smart Device

Manage all of your smart-home devices in an app. Ask them proceed simultaneously as your different habitual morning-flow
Quick to Know

Knowing how much time need to wait until this device finished. To make the decision what to do for next.

Easily control the duration before you leave home, won't be a latecomer

Let’s see what’s in your Wonderful Morning!

Scene 1: Create a Routine


Today I bought a google home, I’d like to connect it and create a new morning routine for next!

Scene 2: Preview Next Morning’s Routine


Tomorrow is Monday, I need to be quick,so I set my routine as " Hurry-up," and I'd like to wake up at 6:30 AM.

Together, I wish the light will turn on after I get up. That would be awesome if the oven could start to bake my breakfast and google home will play music automatically ...
Scene 3: Routine Works!


It’s 6:30 AM right now!

Scene 4: Change Routine


Tomorrow I plan to run in the morning, so I need to change my routine. And I need the memo reminds me don’t forget some necessary stuff for running.

Scene 5: Running Morning


It’s 7:30 AM right now!

Visual Identity



Symbol & WordmarkGuidences

Illustrations Kit

It was my first time drawing digital illustration, but I didn’t design these illustrations , just simulated the Google illustrations as reference, to make it match my design style.

Some of my Working Process

Thanks my professor Miguel and my classmates help me combing the flow’s logic and improving it day by day.

Initially, I’m not familiar with how the smart devices work, how to make a well-organized connection with them.

To learn more about these products’operate mechanism. I made research and analysis existing products like “ IFTTT,” “Fabulous,” and “shortcuts.” It gave me a lot of ideas and inspirations as the reference.